Canadian Representatives Attend International Conference on Geological Repositories

Participants to the International Conference on Geological Repositories touring Bure.

A highlight for many conference participants was a tour of the Bure Underground Research Laboratory operated by Andra, the French equivalent of the NWMO. This research station is located hundreds of metres underground and allows the study of geological formations.

Paris, France – The NWMO participated in the 2016 International Conference on Geological Repositories hosted by the Nuclear Energy Agency of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Representatives from the NWMO and areas engaged in Canada’s site selection process participated in the conference to learn more about international best practices and experiences of other jurisdictions planning or constructing deep geological repositories. The conference provided a forum for representatives from Canadian communities to learn from other national and international perspectives.

The conference provides four intense days of discussion, learning and collaboration. It brings together hundreds of leading researchers, technicians, geologists, and scientists from the international nuclear waste management community.