Specialist Represents the NWMO on World Stage

This picture shows the NWMO’s Yang Sui giving an award-winning presentation in Kobe, Japan.

The NWMO's Yang Sui gives an award-winning presentation in Kobe, Japan.

Kobe, Japan – Yang Sui, a specialist with the NWMO, attended PATRAM 2016, the 18th International Symposium on the Packaging and Transportation of Radioactive Materials in September and returned from the conference with the award for best presentation.

Yang is one of two NWMO researchers to earn recognition with an Aoki Award at PATRAM 2016. The award recognizes those who made outstanding contributions to the meetings and commends those who present specific distinguished papers at the event.

"PATRAM was a multi-national gathering of engineers, researchers, and scientists working towards safe radioactive materials transport. I was awe-struck by the high level of diversity, passion, and technical expertise," said Yang. "I am proud to have represented the NWMO on the world stage. I could not have done so without support, guidance, and inspiration from my NWMO colleagues."

Yang’s presentation and work focused on demonstrating safety and robustness of transportation containers. Transportation containers are tested under very severe regulatory test conditions. Yang’s work subjects containers to additional severe fire conditions. Results of his work will help assure the public that used nuclear fuel can be transported safely.

While some award winners received recognition at the conference, Yang was kept in suspense by PATRAM judges for months following his win. Conference etiquette dictates that awards for presentation quality are often only awarded after all presentations are complete. Conference organizers reached out to Yang in the months following the conference to let him know he earned an Aoki award for best presentation, bringing the period of suspense to a close.