Specialist Shares Glacial Research with South Bruce Committee

The photo shows a group of researchers’’ tents on the Greenland Ice Sheet.

GAP was a collaborative research effort between the NWMO and sister organizations SKB (Sweden) and Posiva (Finland).

Dr. Monique Hobbs, a geoscientist from the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO), shared positive findings from the Greenland Analogue Project (GAP) at the May meeting of the South Bruce Community Liaison Committee.

The NWMO collaborated with partner organizations from Sweden and Finland for GAP, which  brought research scientists and engineers from six countries together to collect data from the Greenland Ice Sheet.

The new information furthers our understanding of how an ice sheet interacts with areas both above and below ground. Given the length of time deep geological repositories must be able to safely manage used nuclear fuel, it’s imperative we consider the potential implications of ice ages on a repository over time frames of up to 1 million years.