NWMO Funding Helps Manitouwadge Students Build for the Future

Three students work with robotics kits while two adults oversee the activities in a classroom

This spring,  students and staff at all four Manitouwadge schools are building for the future, literally.

The schools are participants in the NWMO's Early Investments in Education and Skills program, which is led by the Manitouwadge Nuclear Waste Community Liaison Committee. The program provided funding to purchase robotics kits that will support  continued growth and learning in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in their classrooms.

The Manitouwadge School Coding Club is also experimenting with the Cubelet Robots through a series of weekly challenges. Students are tasked with building a robot with specific qualities, and journalling their learning following the challenge. 

Students are also exploring the Vex Robot kits; building robot models that complete a series of tasks. They will conduct similar activities with their new Lego Storms kit. 

“The NWMO support has also provided the opportunity for collaboration and learning with students from all four schools in our community,” says Rachelle Horner, Tech Champion for the schools. “This spring we will be hosting a special Learn and Share Coding and Robotics Day where students from all four schools will be displaying their efforts and demonstrate their learning to the larger student audience.”

Horner went on to say the NWMO’s contribution “has provided a great deal of new and valuable learning experiences for our students.”