The site selection process requires that communities in an area must take the initiative to enter and move through the process. The process is collaborative. Interested communities are encouraged to begin a process of study and engagement, involving First Nation and Métis communities, as well as municipalities in the surrounding area. The project will only proceed with interested communities, First Nation and Métis communities, and surrounding municipalities working together to implement it.

The site selection process has been underway since 2010. This process started with 22 municipalities and Indigenous communities that expressed interest in learning more and exploring their potential to host the project.

The NWMO has gradually narrowed our focus to fewer areas through technical site evaluations and social engagement to assess safety and the potential to build supportive and resilient partnerships, key criteria to assess the suitability of each area.

Today, the NWMO is engaging with two potential siting areas, including First Nation and Métis communities in the area, interested in learning more about Canada’s plan. The Township of Ignace in northwestern Ontario, and the Municipality of South Bruce in southern Ontario are considered potential host areas for the project. 

Areas No Longer Being Studied

The following areas were engaged in the site selection process. They are no longer being studied.
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