Sponsorship of local and regional initiatives

One of the ways we support the well-being of areas involved in the site selection process is through sponsorships and donations to community organizations and initiatives. Since 2014, this program has supported a wide variety of local and regional initiatives.


    What initiatives will be considered?

    We prioritize initiatives that support community well-being. We've supported a wide range of activities in areas such as education, environment, cultural initiatives, and youth sports.

    What funding is available?

    The maximum level of support for local municipal and Indigenous initiatives is $5,000.

    We have a strong focus on collaboration in our work and we want to ensure that we are supporting events, activities and causes that have strong interest and support from others in their community.

    To make sure there is lots of opportunity for others to contribute, the NWMO will only fund up to 30 per cent of an ongoing (e.g., annual) program or event. A higher level of funding is available for regional initiatives that would have a significant impact on multiple communities in a siting region.

    What initiatives are ineligible?

    This program is meant to help small, local initiatives that support the well-being of communities. It is not meant to fund local businesses, individuals or typical operations of municipalities, bands or other levels of government (e.g. town infrastructure, maintenance services, etc.). It is also not intended to support staff social events.

    Initiatives involving political, religious or controversial causes are also ineligible.

    Additionally, we cannot consider requests for retroactive funding, multi-year agreements or scholarships through this program.
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