Canada’s plan for the long-term management of used nuclear fuel will be implemented over many decades. Given these long timeframes, it is important that youth be involved in our engagement activities. We also recognize that youth engagement activities must evolve over time to be relevant and appropriate at each stage of the plan's implementation.
This is an image of the NWMO engaging with young people at a Youth Rountable.

NWMO engaging with young people at a Youth Roundtable.

The NWMO has engaged youth for many years. Activities include:

  • Involving youth in social research and dialogue activities
  • Involving Aboriginal youth in engagement initiatives and forums
  • Providing presentations to post-secondary students in relevant disciplines
  • Building understanding of, and fostering opportunities for, youth in potential host communities and regions
  • Sponsoring initiatives that help young people develop science-related skills

Youth Roundtable (2009–2010)

In 2009, the NWMO convened a Youth Roundtable to advise on how we might better reach young audiences. It included 16 participants aged 18 to 25.

The work of the Rountable in 2009 involved three face-to-face meetings, as well as online discussions, conference calls, and interviews with peer groups. Four Roundtable members attended an Advisory Council meeting on May 27, 2009, to present their recommendations.

We reviewed the Youth Roundtable's recommendations and developed a response that both reflects our priorities and the input received from the youth.

In September 2010, we reconvened the Youth Roundtable for a final meeting. We presented an overview of efforts taken to date to address their recommendations. The youth commented on the actions of the NWMO and provided us with additional considerations.