As of June 30, 2016, Canada has an inventory of just under 2.7 million used nuclear fuel bundles. If stacked end-to-end like cordwood, they would fit into a space the size of seven hockey rinks, from the ice surface to the top of the boards. At the end of the planned operation of Canada's existing nuclear reactors, the number of used fuel bundles could total up to about 5.4 million.
This diagram visually illustrates that just under 2.7 million used nuclear fuel bundles would fit into seven hockey rinks from the ice surface to the boards if stacked end-to-end like cordwood.

About 90,000 additional used fuel bundles are generated each year.

A deep geological repository (See: Canada's plan) will need to be large enough to contain and isolate the full inventory of Canada's used fuel. No foreign used fuel will be placed in the repository.

The NWMO publishes an update in its annual report on the number of fuel bundles in storage, along with projections for future quantities. We also publish annual inventory reports which can be found in the Reports section.