Open House Draws Ignace and Area Residents

The image shows Ignace and area residents sitting around a table in the Learn More Centre.
Residents of Ignace and the surrounding area came out to an open house at the Learn More Centre on October 26 and 27 to help shape the next phase of geological studies in the region: borehole drilling.

The Ignace area is one of several in Ontario currently involved in the site selection process to host a deep geological repository for Canada’s used nuclear fuel.

Early studies helped identify areas that have the potential to be geologically suitable, and drilling an initial borehole at or near a potential repository site will help to further our understanding of the geology.

The open house was an opportunity to continue engaging with people in the area about the project and begin discussions on where to drill this initial borehole.

More information about activities in the region is available on the Ignace and Area page.