Ignace Open House Provides Opportunity for Community Input

Image shows two women looking over maps, while seated at a table.

Residents in the Township of Ignace recently reflected on the values and principles that will guide more detailed discussions with the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) in the future.

Ignace and the NWMO are now at the point of beginning discussions to explore what it would mean if the Adaptive Phased Management project were implemented in the Ignace area, and how it might be configured to fit with community and area priorities and objectives.

Ultimately, Ignace's participation in the project will only proceed with the involvement of the township, Indigenous communities, and others in the area working in partnership to implement it. 

“These community conversations are intended to help set the groundwork for these discussions,” said Jo-Ann Facella, NWMO’s Director of Community Well-Being, Assessment and Dialogue. “Values and principles are important because they will guide the way Ignace and the NWMO work with each other during more detailed conversations about the project.”

Once the values and principles are established, the next step would involve exploring the details of the individual facilities associated with the project and where they could be located in the area.

Ignace is one of the communities learning about the used nuclear fuel project and exploring the possibility of the community and area hosting the deep geological repository and Centre of Expertise, which are part of Canada’s plan. None of the communities have committed to hosting the project.