Ignace and area residents provide input on more borehole drilling

Image shows six people at a table overlooking a map.

NWMO staff gather input from Ignace and area residents at the latest open house in July 2018.

Residents of Ignace, and people from around the region, visited the Learn More Centre recently to provide input on planning for the next steps of studies – drilling more boreholes.


The work is to better understand the geological and physical conditions at a potential repository site and further explore the ability to meet the robust safety requirements of Canada’s plan for the safe, long-term management of used nuclear fuel. An initial borehole was drilled earlier this year.


“Continued input from community and area residents helps refine and strengthen our plans,” said Rachelle Davenport, Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) Relationship Manager for Ignace and area. “We would like to thank everyone for the many great conversations that took place.”


The next two boreholes are being planned for later this year. They are both located within 2.5 kilometres of the initial borehole, located about 35 kilometres west of Ignace and a few kilometres south of Highway 17. The area is part of a rock formation known as the Revell Batholith.


The NWMO further updated residents on plans for additional boreholes and studies, which are also planned to be drilled in the vicinity the initial site.


An update on values and principles that will guide more detailed discussions in the future was also provided.


Ignace and the surrounding area are among the Ontario communities learning about Canada’s plan, and exploring the possibility of hosting the deep geological repository and Centre of Expertise. None of the communities have committed to hosting the project. Current planning is to select a preferred site as the sole focus of detailed characterization by 2023.