Recognizing community leadership


    Guided by findings from the Desktop Studies and Engagement phase, we make decisions about where we will focus the next phase of studies.

    We have also taken the opportunity to reflect on the contribution communities have made to advancing Canada’s Plan. The strong leadership of the communities that concluded Phase 1 helped pave the way for the safe and secure long-term management of used nuclear fuel in Canada.

    • They effectively launched the process for Canada, and through their willingness to learn about the project, they have advanced the implementation of our country’s plan.
    • Working directly with the NWMO, they have helped shape and evolve the activities and steps required in a siting process to ensure meaningful community involvement.
    • They led the way in defining how safety of the project needs to be demonstrated by raising questions and concerns, and by taking the lead on learning within their communities and amongneighbours.
    • They have laid the basis for working in partnership with local communities, surrounding communities, and First Nations and Métis peoples.
    • Through their active involvement in the site selection process, each of the communities has helped build understanding about how this project can be used as a foundation to further the objectives and well-being of communities, while meeting the need for the long-term management of Canada’s used nuclear fuel.

    After careful thought, we have developed a program to acknowledge the substantial contribution made by these communities. We will contribute $400,000 to each community, whether or not it has been identified for the next phase of studies. To receive the funds, each community must establish a Community Well-Being Reserve Fund. Administered by the communities, these funds support continuing efforts to build community sustainability and well-being.

    Examples of activities that could be supported include:

    • Projects, programs or services for community youth
    • Scholarship programs for community youth
    • Projects, programs or services for community seniors
    • Projects or programs to support community sustainability
    • Projects or programs to support community economic development
    • Projects or programs to support energy efficiency


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