Recognizing communities

To recognize the leadership of communities that have concluded their participation in the site selection process, the NWMO developed funding programs acknowledging the substantial contribution they made on behalf of all Canadians.


Each of the communities listed below actively participated in Phase 2 of Preliminary Assessments, and have helped pave the way for the safe and secure long-term management of used nuclear fuel in Canada.

While no longer active in site selection, these communities effectively launched the process for Canada. Through their willingness to learn about the project, they have advanced the implementation of our country's plan. They helped shape and evolve the activities required to ensure meaningful community involvement, and led the way in defining how safety needs to be demonstrated.

Additionally, they helped lay the basis for working in partnership with local and surrounding communities, and First Nations and Métis peoples. Their involvement helped building understanding about how the Adaptive Phased Management project can be used to further local community objectives.

Administered by communities, the funding is intended to support continuing efforts to build community sustainability and well-being. Examples of activities that could be supported include:

  • Projects, programs or services for community youth
  • Scholarship programs for community youth
  • Projects, programs or services for Elders and community seniors
  • Projects or programs to support community sustainability
  • Projects or programs to support community economic development
  • Projects or programs to support energy efficiency

Additional information

Communities recognized in 2019

In recognition of their leadership and contributions to Canada’s plan, the municipal and Indigenous communities that led siting activities in the areas being screened out are eligible for funding to support investments in community well-being and sustainability.
These investments will be made to a community well-being reserve fund (or equivalent).

The communities of Constance Lake First Nation, Hornepayne and Manitouwadge are each eligible for $700,000 as a one-time investment in well-being.

The neighbouring communities of Chapleau Cree First Nation, Ginoogaming First Nation and Missanabie Cree First Nation are each eligible to receive $350,000.

The community of White River that exited the site selection process in 2017, but continued as a neighbouring community, is eligible for $600,000.

The recently engaged community of Long Lake #58 First Nation is eligible to receive $200,000.

The Indigenous organization Red Sky Métis Independent Nation is eligible to receive $200,000.

Communities recognized in 2017

In December 2017, we recognized the communities that led Preliminary Assessment studies and engagement in the areas of Blind River, and Elliot Lake, Ontario for their leadership in advancing Canada’s plan on behalf of all Canadians.  This announcement was made at the conclusion of studies in the area, which showed limited potential to meet the requirements of the project.  

In recognition of their leadership, the municipal and First Nation communities that led siting activities in the area are eligible for funding to support investments in community sustainability and well-being.

The communities of Blind River and Elliot Lake and Sagamok First Nation are eligible to receive $600,000.

The neighbouring communities of Spanish and The North Shore, Ontario are eligible to receive $300,000 as a contribution to their community well-being reserve funds.

Communities recognized in 2015

In July 2015, we recognized communities that actively participated in Preliminary Assessment studies and engagement in the areas of  Schreiber, Ontario, and Creighton, Saskatchewan.

We had concluded studies in these areas in March 2015, after geological field studies showed limited potential for finding suitable sites for a deep geological repository.

The following communities were active participants in Phase 2 initial studies and were eligible to receive $250,000 in recognition funding: Creighton, SK; Denare Beach, SK; Flin Flon, MB; Pays Plat First Nation, ON; Schreiber, ON; Terrace Bay, ON.