Adaptive Phased Management calls for the containment and isolation of Canada's used nuclear fuel in a deep geological repository. The repository will be located at a site with a suitable rock formation in an area with an informed and willing host.

In addition to extensive technical assessments, the site selection process involves extensive learning and dialogue with communities before a preferred site can be identified.

Facilities associated with the project will include a centre of expertise, a deep geological repository, and a number of supporting facilities. The project also calls for a comprehensive transportation system to move Canada's used fuel from interim storage facilities to the new site.

The project will be developed and implemented in phases over many decades. It will bring significant economic benefits to the province, to the economic region where it is located, and to communities within the siting area.

In developing and implementing all aspects of the project, we are committed to meeting or exceeding all applicable regulations to ensure the safety and security of humans and the environment.

Safely Managing Used Nuclear Fuel in Canada