Manitouwadge Open House Provides Opportunity for Input

NWMO Staff and Manitouwadge residents study maps at open house.
In July, Manitouwadge and area residents met with NWMO staff to provide input on deciding where to focus the next potential phase of studies in the area. Many residents provided their views on nearby locations that have the potential to meet the safety requirements of a deep geological repository and would also be considered acceptable by people living in the area.

Visitors offered information on areas under consideration, provided their views on preferred sites for borehole drilling in order to study core samples. This includes reasons for their preferences and identifying any sensitivities or concerns. The locations up for discussion were identified following recently completed desktop and field studies, including airborne surveys, ground observations, and detailed geological mapping.

Opinions offered by people in the area will be important in decision-making about where the NWMO might drill an initial borehole, at or near a potential repository site. The drilling is required to further advance understanding of the geology in the region. 

The open house also featured the NWMO’s new interactive display to support discussion with visitors about Canada’s plan for the long-term used nuclear fuel management, radiation, transportation, regional engagement activities and other questions about the organization’s work.

Manitouwadge is one of several Ontario communities that remain engaged in the NWMO site selection process. No decision will be made on a preferred site for a used nuclear fuel repository until Preliminary Assessments are completed, several years from now.