We initiated the siting process in 2010 with a broad program to provide information, answer questions and build awareness. Awareness-building activities are designed to continue throughout the site selection process.

Learn more about the areas currently involved in the process, as well as areas that are no longer a focus of study.

Materials shared during Step 1 are provided below.

Information Package

As part of the awareness-building activities in Step 1 (NWMO Initiates the Process), we created an information package. It included an overview brochure, entitled "Moving Forward Together: Overview of Canada's Plan for the Long-Term Management of Used Nuclear Fuel" and a description of the Learn More Program and resources available to support learning.

Overview Brochure in Aboriginal Languages

Materials Distributed at Community Open House Sessions

The following materials were distributed at community open house sessions.

Videos Shown at Community Open House Sessions

The following videos were shown at community open house sessions held in Step 1.